What´s Inside?2019-01-26T05:46:30+02:00

What´s inside?

The studio is equipped with;

  • Avid Pro Tools HD on Mac Pro.
  • Avid Omni audio interface, Avid Eleven Rack
  • Avid Artist Controllers Mix & Control
  • 5.1 Surround System with 5 Genelec 8040 and a Genelec 7070A Subwoofer.
  • Blackmagic Intensity Pro take care of the video.
  • A huge SFX-library on disc hosted by Netmix Pro  will help you find the effects you´re looking for in seconds. Then, just push the button to spot the effect on your timeline in Pro Tools. Voila!
  • Hundreds of high quality plug-ins from pro suppliers like Abbey Road, Antares, Audioease, Avid, Focusrite, Izotope, Massey, Pultec, Softube, SPL, TL, URS, Waves, just to mention a few. I depend heavily on the Waves Mercury Soundgrid Bundle, which itself contains over 140 plug-ins.
  • If you´re into music there are a lot of instrument plug-ins to choose from. Drums, Synths, Samplers, you name it, from AIR, Native, Propellerheads, Spectrasonics, XLN, Toontracks, Waves and more. Of course they contain big music libraries as well!
  • If you prefer Logic Pro instead of Pro Tools, it´s also installed.

Beside the ordinary studiostuff there are a lot of audio equipment for both music and location recordings:

  • All kinds of Pro-microphones from AKG, Audio Technica, DPA, Neumann, Shure, Sennheiser.  Bidirectional, condensers, dynamics,  large diaphragms, lavaliers, MS stereo, omnis, shotguns,  wireless radio mikes.
  • Mixers  Audio Development
  • Digital recorders/Mixers  Behringer XR18, Sound Devices 633
  • If you´re a guitarist you´ve come to the right place! More than 10 amps (beside all the software ones). Several guitars, cabinets, effects and stomp boxes to choose from.