-We Love Our Work & We Love Where We Work

The studio´s situated in beautiful Brännö Island just outside Gothenburg. The passenger ferry will take you from the mainland to the island in 20 minutes. Short time – Big difference! Beautiful, peaceful & calm.
Take a swim during the break. If  winter, just try the sauna first and you´re ready to go!

The studio was acoustically designed by well-renowned Claes Ohlsson at Eora Sound Engineering and built 2014-2015.
The measurements speak it´s own language and acoustically it´s  second to none.

Long experience in the pro audio business, working with a broad range of productions, will make sure your baby is in good hands!

Come inside, have a look at the pictures above or go for a walk in the peaceful surroundings below,

The Studio´s Located At Beautiful Brännö Island

Ankedammen 6, 430 85, Brännö
Phone:+46 (0) 73 9816474