Project Description

Mozart´s Lost Clarinet

Client: Moment 22 film & video AB. Premiered at SVT in january 2014

Produced by: Björn Eriksson & Andreas Söderberg



This documentary is available to rent through video on demand.

A music documentary about Mozart and his friend the clarinetist Anton Stadler and their special impact on music history.

The clarinet virtuoso Anton Stadler was musically challenged by his close friend Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and toured a lot with his music. But did Stadler steal Mozart’s clarinet and scores? We tell the story of two men who called each other brothers and who changed the clarinet’s importance in the classical repertoire. Still today we search for authentic sound of 18th century music. How did it sound back then?
Among interviews and animations this documentary also contains 35 minutes of live music played on replica instruments. There are parts from Mozart’s clarinet quintet and his opera La Clemenza di Tito.
Length: 58min